Pagan Handfasting Ceremony


In many Pagan traditions, participantsd have a handfasting ceremony rather than a formal wedding.  It’s becoming more popular among couples who are not interested in a traditional church wedding but who want more than just a courthouse appointment. 

 In some cases, it may be simply ceremonial — a couple declaring their love for one another without the benefit of a state license.
For other couples, it can be tied in with a state marriage certification issued by our Priestess. 

They are authorized to perform legally binding marriages in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Recently one was also performed in Iceland.

  Your handfasting should be as unique as you are! We will bring the binding ropes, candle and necessary supplies for the ceremony. The ropes and candle will be consecrated beforehand and made in the colors that represent each individual in the couple. It is yours to take home with you and include in your wedding book. 

The cost for supplies, the ceremony and delivering the license the next business day is $225 for local ceremonies. 

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